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Turnkey Logistics Specialist

Tooltech is an industrial supplies specialist, focusing on the mining, project procurement, sourcing and engineering sectors. Started by Rashid Moosa in 1980, the business has grown and expanded to include bigger premises, specialized staff and wider ranges.

With market leading brands, Tooltech provides a full turnkey logistics solution.

Our geographic reach has also expanded into the rest of South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and Latin America.

Our Values

As a company, being honest and having strong moral principles, forms a massive part of who we are and how we endeavour to do business on a daily basis. We have grown to understand that loyalty begins with our ability to display strong moral and ethical standards both to our supply network & most importantly, to our clients. For this reason, we do not cut corners or supply products of an inferior quality or break agreements made whether verbal or more formal.
Taking responsibility for our actions, whether negative or positive, goes a long way in forming the integrity we strive for. Clients will always get a true account of any circumstance. We believe that only once an individual has accepted accountability, can a solution to any challenge be formulated. Accountability goes hand in hand with strong moral principals that is the foundation of Tooltech.
Tooltech was built on the principal of always being committed to our customers and remaining committed to agreements made. Tooltech has serviced the market for 40 years and commitment is what drives our business. Ensuring that we support our clients through their challenges and difficulties, even through local market or global turmoil is a testament to this commitment. Understanding and being supportive is the cornerstone of relationships and the strength of those relationships. We believe that commitment shown to our clients results in partnerships that withstand the test of time or test of changing market conditions.
We believe in understanding our position within the Industrial Sector. Tooltech understands that we are a support network to the greater Mining, Procurement Facilitator and Contractor business sectors of the market. We also understand that as a support mechanism to these sectors, it is imperative for us to execute our support functions with efficiency and speed, thus ensuring client productivity and deadlines are not comprimised in any way. Ultimately, we see ourselves as a cog in a massive machine that is the African marketplace, however, even the smallest cog can cease a successful project and for that reason we strive to remain mindful of the importance of our role in the global economy that we support.
While diversity is a complex issue, we believe in diversity of product, diversity of options and within our business involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders. We understand that as a country who has faced and continues to face many challenges, it is only through diversity of thought, background & cultural practices that we can truly understand our customer. South African is a unique and complex country, but this uniqueness is also our strength and the reason why our country is still seen as a powerhouse of the African economy. Its is only by embracing this diversity that we can thrive as company and more importantly as a country.
As a business who strives to be profitable and sustainable, we believe that it is only in striving for quality in every aspect of our business that has kept us as a market leader for over 40 years. Quality in product, quality in service, quality in execution, quality in relationships & quality in implementation. Quality is an extremely difficult characteristic to maintain, but in ensuring continuous monitoring and continuous ambition to improve in every way can we truly achieve the quality that we intend to provide on clients.

Industry Experience

Our decades of experience has positioned Tooltech to have the best ranges and class leading brands in the industry.

We have also developed strong relationships with our brand principals. This allows us to provide our customers with the best advice and with the ability to fulfill any industrial tooling and engineering requirement.

Turnkey Solution

Our experience in export of equipment has made us reliable supplier for procurement and sourcing companies.
Our turnkey solution can provide the following:

Product Categories

Power Tools
Hand Tools
Pneumatic Tools
Lifting Equipment
Brakes & Clutches
Electrical Components
Electrical Cabling

Our Clients

We are able to service clients across the following industries:
Oil & Gas
Our clients include:
ERG Africa (ENRC)
De Beers
First Quantum Minerals
Anglogold Ashanti
Sandvik Mining
"Tooltech’s supplies are procured for our projects across Africa and Tooltech always remains mindful ofo the lead times for critical items to ensure that we meet our export shipment schedules without incurring any demurrage costs."
Keith Pillay
Commerce Director
Wayoe Engineering and Construction