Industries We Serve



Mining has been a core part of the South African economy for over 100 years. South Africa has some of the largest reserves of valuable commodities, with 16 commodities ranked in the Top 10 internationally. We have large reserves of Platinum-group metals, Manganese, Chromite and Gold. The continent of Africa is richly endowed with mineral reserves and ranks first in quantity of world reserves.

The mining sector is the largest portion of Tooltech’s client base as at 2021. We supply South African, African and Global companies in the Gold, Copper, Diamond, Platinum and Coal sectors. We are one of the strongest industrial supply specialists into the Mining Sector.

We understand the quality expectations of the industry in terms of product offering, service and safety standards. We are able to supply a vast range of equipment specific to the mining industry and have been awarded supply contracts by multi-national mining companies.

Oil & Gas

The oil and natural gas industries in South Africa are major players in the energy market. These industries play an influential role as primary fuel sources and historically the oil industry has been the dominant energy source with companies like Sasol leading the sector from a South African perspective.

Natural Gas has taken a more prominent role in the world’s energy supply as a result of shale gas development and its lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to oil and coal.

Tooltech understands the standards required in supplying the Oil & Gas sector and have gained knowledge and experience supplying products that adhere to the strict standards of the industry such Spark Resistant Tools, Power Tools with Dead Man Switches and Intrinsically Safe equipment.

We are able to provide Material Safety Data Sheets and material Batch numbers for all relevant products.


The construction industry is a significant contributor to South Africa's economic. Despite the challenges faced in the sector over the past few years, our construction industry is expected to see an average yearly growth of 3.4%, as the government increases its focus on infrastructure and energy sector investment initiatives.

South Africa has some of the best construction companies internationally, which has seen SA construction companies doing projects locally and in many parts of Africa & the Middle East.

Tooltech has long standing relationships with all the major construction companies including Group Five, Murray & Roberts, WBHO, Grinaker-Ltd, Tiber Construction & Motheo Construction Group. We are able to advise and provide application solutions for any concrete equipment such as Breakers, Rotary Hammers, Concrete Mixers, Poker Drive Units, Hydraulic Jacks, Fall Arrestors and Coring Tools.

We have a proven track record on supplying all construction requirements.


The engineering sector produces fabricated metal products, steel structures, industrial machinery, boilers and piping sytems, electronics equipment, transportation equipment and instruments. It has become a major part of the South African economy, and serves the mining, infastructure, construction and oil and gas sectors.

Over the years, Tooltech has become a trusted supplier to the engineering sector, from steel fabrication to project engineering companies. Our clients design, fabricate and construct fully functioning mining and manufacturing facilities.

We are able to supply a full range of welding products and solutions. We also supply consumables, lifting and rigging equipment, steel sheeting and piping. Our range of precision instrumentation includes equipment for:

• measuring heat
• measuring hardness of metals
• monitoring industrial electronics and
• process control meters.

Landscaping & Forestry

The South African forestry and landscaping industry ranges from commercial timber plantations, farms and professional landscapers to gardeners and home owners. We are an Authorised Dealer of Stihl outdoor products. We supply numerous companies, munipalities and parastatles with chainsaws, brushcutters and other landscaping equipment.

The STIHL brand is known round the world today for quality and service. Stihl products are helping people at work - and that has made Stihl the world's leading chain saw brand. Founded in Germany in the 1920s by engineer Andreas Stihl, who developed a revolutionary engine-driven two-man saw. Today, STIHL is the world's largest-selling chainsaw brand.

STIHL machines have to cope with heavy stresses. That's why we manage our own in-house workshop. We supply spare parts and do repairs for all Stihl electric and petrol products.


South Africa continues to invest in improving its existing urban and rural infrastructure. Infrastructure projects build: electricity generation plants, water systems, roads, transportation networks and telecommunication systems.

Tooltech has vendor listings with many state parastatals including Eskom, Transnet and Johannesburg Water. We supply equipment, and service machinery such as their compressors. Our technicians are able to do installation, commissioning and routine maintenance.

We act as a procurement house to SMME companies who require additional resources in order to fulfil contracts with many government departments, including the Education Department.