Custom Made Miner's Bags


Tooltech is a company that endeavors to assist clients with solving problems within their business.

In 2021, a leading international diamond mining company, who are a client of ours, contacted Tooltech with a specific requirement for underground mining bags. Until that point, they were using bags that were of inferior quality and were unable to protect their tools from moisture found underground. Each underground miner uses a bag to carry their equipment, personal items & medical emergency and rescue gear.

Tooltech worked in conjunction with the mine and a leading manufacturer of safety equipment to design and manufacture a underground bag that would best suit the harsh & humid environment of underground mining.

These bags have now become standard on the mine and many other mining companies in the gold and coal mining industries, as well as petrochemical companies are currently approving the product.

Tooltech does not only sell “off the shelf” items, but assists in design and manufacturer of specific products for specific needs.


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