Mine Construction Zambia


In 2021 Tooltech was awarded a supply contract by a large engineering company, tasked will planning and construction on a new mine in Zambia.

We successfully won the contract to supply:
• tooling equipment
• welding products
• lifting equipment
• scaffolding and safety products.

This was the largest single order we have received. Once awarded, we were given seven days to complete 100% of this order.

Within the week we were able to
• Procure and consolidate all goods and materials
• Pack all goods in accordance with the client’s numerous bills of material
• Complete the client’s quality and conformity inspections
• Package and crate all goods for road freight,
• Load and dispatch five 40ft containers

We managed to load all five containers in under 8 hours. Once completed, the cargo moved directly from our warehouse to the site in Zambia.

The execution of this order remains an achievement that we are proud of because of the limited timeline. It was a testament to our dedicated team and strong network of suppliers.

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