Multi-National Copper Mining Company


Tooltech is an accredited supplier to a multinational copper mining company with operations in Zambia, Australia and Panama. We have successfully completed projects with this client for the past 10 years. Our ability to cater to their specific needs has made us a trusted supplier. We provide SADC Certificates, HS Tariff Codes, Certification of Quality, Clearing Instructions & Material Safety Data Sheets

Steel Supply from Factory to Panama
The client required a large quantity of specialized steel that could only be sourced from China. Through our extensive supply network, we managed to source the required material as per the specification. We used our resources in South Korea and China to identify the correct factories.

We provided our own inspectors, based in China, to:
• conduct quality control inspections
• arrange the logistics from factory to port and
• inspect the vessel loading.

In conjunction with the client, we facilitated the logistics process from China to the site in Panama, South America. We successfully completed this project with the resources we have across the globe.

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