Industrial Supply Specialist

By Shakil Moosa on May 24th, 2023

You need an Industrial Supply Specialist For Your Mining Business!

The past 2 years have seen a major disruption to the traditional supply chain, forcing companies to rely more heavily on procurement agencies like Tooltech to supply the things they need to operate at peak efficiency.

While the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic hit its peak 2 years ago, the effect of the global shutdown is still being felt across all industries, governments, and economies.

The mining industry was not spared from this. With the rapid shift in demand, many mining companies were forced to absorb massive hits to their bottom line by the time the lockdown was finally lifted. Then, as demand increased with the reopening of global economies, mines found themselves in the unenviable position of struggling to meet demand with a smaller workforce and equipment that hadn’t been serviced or maintained, or even operated in a long time.

This forced mining organizations to scramble to find ways to quickly source new tools, equipment, and operational materials to meet the sudden and sharp uptick in demand.  

To do this, many mines turned to industrial supply specialists to meet their tooling and engineering needs.

Tooltech is one such specialist. Here’s what Tooltech can do for your mining organization.

Understand exactly what your mining business needs.

For over forty years, Tooltech has worked closely with many global mining organizations and has developed a deep understanding of the tools and equipment required to run a successful operation.

We will work with your procurement officer to properly understand your unique business requirements, and then ensure that those requirements are met.

We will combine our deep understanding of the mining industry with your business's specific requirements so that we know exactly what your budget is, and find you the best equipment according to your needs and specifications.


Leverage our deep relationships with global suppliers to your benefit.

Over the decades, Tooltech has cultivated many valuable relationships with manufacturers and suppliers all over the world. This gives us the ability to leverage those relationships to your benefit.

Because of us, you can bypass the need to cultivate decades of positive collaboration to access premium service and product discounts. We’ve already done all that and can pass those savings on to you.
Our global network of suppliers also allows us to present you with options. You no longer have to deal with the closest or the cheapest supplier, but can pick the best supplier for your mining organization from a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers.

Ensure Quality and On Time Delivery of Goods, from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world.

Once we’ve identified the best supplier and most suitable goods for your mine, we then conduct extensive quality checks before they are packaged, and once again before they are put on the ship, or train, ready for delivery.

Once they arrive at their destination, we once again conduct quality checks to ensure that nothing happened while in transit.

We can also deliver these materials across borders and oceans and will have your materials ready for you where you need them and when you need them.

Our ability to do this was no more apparent than in a recent project we conducted for a valued multinational copper mining company that was setting up a new mine in South America. This client needed highly specialized steel that could only be sourced from very specific factories located in China.

Our extensive network of contacts in China and South Korea was able to identify the required factories quickly, and in no time at all we were able to source, purchase and deliver the steel to the port, where we conducted extensive quality checks before shipping them off to their required location in South America, where we once again conducted extensive quality checks before signing off on final delivery to the worksite.

In short, we can get you what you need, from wherever you need it, and get it to you when you need it.

And we can work perfectly according to even the tightest of deadlines!

This is exactly what happened with another project we conducted when one of our clients decided to construct a new mine in Zambia.

We were tasked to provide the right tools, welding and lifting equipment, and scaffolding and safety products to our client. So far so good. The catch however was that we only had a week to find the materials and get them from the manufacturer to the mine.

We set to work, and because of our extensive connections and contacts, we were able to find the perfect equipment and get it to the mine on time.

We filled out the mining contract

We also stock brands like StihlMakitaFluke & Dewalt (amongst others)

For over 40 years, Tooltech has been providing unparalleled service to our mining customers. We know exactly what your organization needs to achieve lasting success, and will go, quite literally, to the ends of the Earth to ensure that you have it. Visit our website to learn more!

Shakil Moosa