Tooltech: Pioneering Industrial Supplies Specialist Expands Reach and Services

By Shakil Moosa on October 17th, 2023

Tooltech, a distinguished industrial supplies specialist, is revolutionizing the industrial sector with its expansive range of services and products. With its inception in 1980, Tooltech has emerged as a symbol of supreme quality and steadfast reliability, concentrating its efforts on the mining, project procurement, sourcing, and engineering sectors. The company, strategically located at 87 Turffontein Rd, Stafford, Johannesburg, 2001, is accessible at 011 683 1761 or through their website Tooltech.

Tooltech’s journey from its establishment has been marked by continuous growth and expansion, enabling it to cater to a wider audience and offer an enhanced range of products and services. The company's commitment to delivering excellence is evident in its meticulous selection of quality brands, ensuring that clients have access to the best products in the market. The brands associated with Tooltech are synonymous with quality, innovation, and durability, reinforcing the company’s reputation as a leading industrial supplies specialist.

Diverse Array of Services

The company is dedicated to providing a comprehensive turnkey logistics solution, ensuring that clients are presented with market-leading brands and unparalleled services.

The company’s extensive services are designed to meet the varied needs of its clientele, offering specialized solutions in different industrial domains. Tooltech’s emphasis on quality and reliability is reflected in its choice of brands, each of which is a leader in its respective field. The company’s association with these brands allows it to deliver products and services that are not only of superior quality but also tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client.

Tooltech’s commitment to excellence is further highlighted by its continuous efforts to enhance its service offerings. The company’s specialized staff are trained to provide expert advice and support, ensuring that clients receive optimal solutions for their industrial needs. The company’s focus on client satisfaction is evident in its approach to service delivery, with each service being meticulously designed to address the unique challenges faced by different sectors in the industrial domain.

Market-Leading Brands

Tooltech takes pride in offering products from market-leading brands such as STIHL, MAKITA, FLUKE, DEWALT, BOSCH, STANLEY, EUROBOOR, KENNEDY, CHICAGO PNEUMATIC, AFROX, GEDORE, HIKOKI, INGERSOL RAND, MATWELD, PFERD, and SOMTA.

STIHL: Excellence in Outdoor Power Tools

STIHL is renowned for producing the number one selling range of chainsaws and a comprehensive line of outdoor power tools, ensuring quality and reliability in every product.

MAKITA: Industrial Quality Power Tools

MAKITA stands out with its industrial-quality power tools, designed to meet the highest standards of performance and durability.

FLUKE: Driven by Success

FLUKE is dedicated to ensuring your safety and is driven by your success, standing as the world leader in professional electronic test tools.

DEWALT: Guaranteed Tough

DEWALT is synonymous with toughness, offering a range of durable and reliable tools that are GUARANTEED TOUGH.

BOSCH: Engineered for Excellence

BOSCH provides the professional blue power tools that are engineered for excellence, meeting the demands of every professional.

STANLEY: A Legacy of Quality

Stanley has built a legacy by producing the most well-known hand tools and storage products, ensuring quality and reliability in every piece.

EUROBOOR: High-Quality Magnetic Drilling Machines

Euroboor is a distinguished manufacturer of high-quality magnetic drilling machines and annular drills, offering precision and performance.

KENNEDY: Extensive Range of Tools

With over 16500 line items, Kennedy has the largest single offering of tools, catering to a diverse range of needs.

CHICAGO PNEUMATIC: Industrial Manufacturer of Air Tools & Hydraulic Equipment

Chicago Pneumatic stands as an industrial manufacturer of air tools & hydraulic equipment, offering innovative solutions for various industrial needs.

AFROX: Leading Supplier of Welding Consumables

Afrox is the leading supplier of welding consumables in Southern Africa, ensuring the availability of high-quality products.

GEDORE: Leading Supplier of Hand Tools

Gedore South Africa is the leading supplier of hand tools to the South African industry, offering a wide range of products to meet every need.

HIKOKI: Highest Level of Professional Power Tools

HiKOKI offers the highest level of professional power tools and accessories, ensuring every professional finds the right tool for the job.

INGERSOL RAND: Global Leader in Compressed Air and Gas Systems

Ingersol Rand is a global leader in compressed air and gas systems and services, offering innovative solutions and products.

MATWELD: High Quality and Affordable Welding Machines

Matweld is known for producing high-quality and affordable welding machines and consumables, meeting the diverse needs of the industry.

PFERD: Leader in Abrasives and Solutions

PFERD is the leader in abrasives and solutions for material cutting, grinding, and polishing, offering a range of products to meet every need.

SOMTA: Specialist in Drilling and Cutting Tools

Somta specializes in the design and manufacture of drilling and cutting tools, offering precision and quality in every product.

Tooltech in Johannesburg

Tooltech is strategically located at 87 Turffontein Rd, Stafford, Johannesburg, 2001. This location is pivotal as Johannesburg is a bustling metropolis, a hub of commerce, and a gateway to various industrial sectors in South Africa. The city’s diverse industrial base and vibrant economy make it an ideal location for Tooltech to offer its specialized services and products. The company’s presence in Johannesburg allows it to tap into the vast market and cater to the diverse needs of the industrial sector in the region.


Tooltech, with its extensive range of services and products from market-leading brands, continues to be a leading industrial supplies specialist in Johannesburg and across South Africa. The company’s commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation makes it a preferred choice for clients in the mining, project procurement, sourcing, and engineering sectors.

Shakil Moosa